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SOLIDWORKS Integration

HSMWorks provides a fully integrated CAM solution for SOLIDWORKS, allowing you to get up to speed and become productive within minutes using familiar tools and workflows.
Full associativity with SOLIDWORKS model

HSMWorks 2023 allows you to maintain full associativity between the SolidWorks model and machining. Design changes in the CAD model get automatically updated in downstream data such as drawings and toolpaths.


The HSM Advantage

Modern architecture

Take advantage of latest workstation technologies to achieve superior performance, especially when working on large or complex designs. Multiprocessor/multicore support speeds up toolpath generation on supported hardware. The distributed CAM server maximizes your computing power using idle PCs on the local network to reduce toolpath calculation time.

Adaptive clearing

This advanced roughing strategy provides efficient, high-volume material removal using constant tool engagement and optimized cutter paths.

HSMWorks Edit

Take advantage of several CNC code-specific functions, including line numbering/renumbering, XYZ range finder, and file compare. Features a DNC link for reliable RS-232 communications with a variety of CNC controls.


Simulation and Verification

Visualize material removal using interactive animation with HSMWorks advanced simulation and verification tools. Ensure accuracy of results even before cutting metal, boosting productivity and cutting down material waste.
Stock and toolpath simulation

See stock being removed and automatically check for shaft and clamp/fixture collisions. Easily inspect generated toolpaths with the integrated backplot and inspection tool.

Milling machine simulation

Machine simulation detects collisions and near misses between all machine tool components such as axis slides, rotary tables, turrets, spindles, tool changers, and fixtures. HSMWorks uses a SOLIDWORKS model of your machine tool to detect potential collisions, making it easy to modify or build new machine configurations directly inside SOLIDWORKS.

2D / 2.5D Milling

2D machining can range from very basic to highly complex operations. HSMWorks solutions include the tools you need for precise control over all aspects of 2D machining, including lead in/out and transitions between passes.


Control lead-in and lead-out with or without tool compensation. Choose multiple roughing and finishing passes and multiple depth cuts for any contour. Machine open and closed contours without creating additional geometry, and eliminate sharp motion with corner smoothing.

Drilling and hole making

HSMWorks includes powerful tools for generating drilling, counterboring, and tapping operations. Both standard and customized cycles are supported for all point-to-point operations, including spot-drilling, deep drilling with chip break, and boring cycles.

3D, 3+2 and 5-axis

Best-in-class 3D strategies

HSMWorks strives to generate the shortest and smoothest toolpaths possible, resulting in reduced machining time, improved surface quality, less tool wear, and extended machine tool life.
3+2 machining

Select a work plane for the operation, and HSMWorks generates the most efficient rotations to orient the part. All machining strategies are available once parts are positioned. Tools and holders are gouge protected for all strategies that normally support this feature.

5-axis milling

HSMWorks includes advanced 5-axis features include swarf for machining using the side of the tool, multiaxis contour for machining along a contact curve, multiaxis flow for using tooltip along a surface, and 3D toolpath tilting to reach deep cavity areas and small radii.

Turning and Mill-Turn

Whether you are looking for a CAM system to help you improve your productivity with traditional turning operations like roughing, grooving, or finishing – or you want to start taking full advantage of your multi-axis machine tools, download HSMWorks offers an intuitive approach to creating high-quality turning toolpaths.