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Simplifying Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS with DriveWorks Pro

Engineering teams frequently struggle with repetitive, manual workflows that hinder productivity. SOLIDWORKS users face daily challenges configuring similar 3D models and documents that are unique for each project. This hands-on process is also prone to errors that result in scrapped parts and delayed deliveries.

DriveWorks Pro from DriveWorks Ltd. brings advanced design automation to SOLIDWORKS users. Studies show manufacturers can cut development costs by 20-60% using automation software. DriveWorks Pro empowers users to eliminate repetitive tasks and rapidly generate customized 3D models and documentation.

Reducing Manual Work with Rules-Based Automation

DriveWorks Pro allows users to capture design rules and logic to automate repetitive modeling actions. Instead of manually tweaking the same features like holes, cutouts, or dimensions, engineers configure automation rules once upfront. For example, a rule could automatically scale a bolt pattern to match customer specifications.

By replacing repetitive actions with programmed logic, automation reduces workloads by 50% or more. Teams also avoid human errors that cause production delays and scrap. Hands-on work is focused on higher value tasks.

Generating Custom Designs On Demand

With configured automation rules, DriveWorks Pro instantly generates customized 3D models, drawings, BOMs, and other documents on demand. Sales or engineers simply enter the specifications through a web portal or configurator form.

For a machine guard, rules could drive custom panel sizes, material, hole patterns, and branding logos while suppressing unused features. DriveWorks Pro produces the unique 3D model and documentation to match specifications in seconds without added work.

Seamless Integration within SOLIDWORKS

DriveWorks Pro is certified by Dassault Systèmes for native integration inside SOLIDWORKS CAD. This avoids disruptive import/export workflows required by non-embedded tools. Models are generated directly within the SOLIDWORKS environment in real-time.

Tight integration also enables automation projects to reuse existing design data. Changes synchronize bidirectionally between the master model and DriveWorks variations.

Expanding Design Capabilities with Automation

For most engineering teams, customizable or configured products are out of reach without automation. DriveWorks Pro makes variable products possible by eliminating laborious manual work.

With configured automation rules, engineers can deliver customized parts in hours or minutes instead of days or weeks. Mass customization and built-to-order capabilities become feasible.

Developing Smarter Products and Services

Beyond manufacturing, configured models generated by DriveWorks are utilized for interactive customer experiences. Using 3D previews, sales representatives can guide prospects through configuration options to create tailored products. Custom data can be fed back to engineering for improved designs.

DriveWorks automation ultimately enables organizations to deliver more value by matching products and services to unique customer needs. Manual workflow limitations are eliminated through flexible design automation.

For SOLIDWORKS users, DriveWorks Pro automates repetitive design tasks to reduce costs, accelerate delivery, and keep engineering focused on innovation rather than manual labor. By implementing rules-based automation, teams can develop smarter products optimized for configurable designs and manufacturing.