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What's New In Chief Architect Premier X15. Reasons To Buy

Are you looking for the latest features in professional home design software? Chief Architect Premier X15 offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you create stunning designs with ease.
This blog post takes a look at some of the new features and benefits offered by this popular software, as well as an overview on how you can access it. From automatic building tools to realistic materials list, find out why Chief Architect Premier X15 is worth upgrading or buying!

Key Takeaways

  • Chief Architect Premier X15 is a professional home design software, offering users advanced automatic building tools, improved 3D rendering and virtual tours for a lifelike experience.
  • Live materials lists enable accurate inventory of necessary components to ensure projects remain on schedule while CAD tools allow user more precise control over the dimension of their designs.
  • With rendered visuals at sunrise or sunset and customizable camera settings, users can create stunning renderings with beautiful ambient light – perfect for presentations or client reviews.
  • The new pattern formation tool simplifies complex framed walls to fit dream homes with just one click elimination manual drafting errors often associated during construction.

What is Chief Architect Premier and its Benefits

Chief Architect Premier is a professional home design software that enables users to create high-quality 2D and 3D designs with accurate materials lists, floor plans, elevations and perspectives for residential projects.

Professional home design software

Chief Architect Premier is a professional home design software that makes it easy to create all sorts of designs ranging from small remodels and renovations to full new construction.
It's the perfect tool for residential developers, interior and exterior designers—or anyone needing precise measurements and detailed architectural renderings. Not only does Chief Architect Premiere provide an incredibly powerful system for quickly creating accurate plans from scratch or existing ones in CAD format, but it also includes vast library content with thousands of 3D models, materials, textures, furnishings styles, and more.
Built-in tools automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on making decisions about your project’s look And feel faster than ever before while ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process.

Ideal for residential home design

Chief Architect Premier is the leading professional home design software for residential architectural projects. Its comprehensive library of objects, materials, and textures makes it a premier choice for designers looking to create stunning interior designs.
With its powerful CAD tools, Chief Architect allows designers to create precise plans with ease while also simplifying the remodeling process. Particularly useful features include live materials lists, stair railing offsets, automatic trusses and an intuitive patterned design tool that can be used to quickly transform layouts into beautiful works of art.
Using 3D visualization, users can see what their final product will look like in real-time before any construction takes place – perfect for getting creative results without any costly mistakes! Additionally, Chief Architect’s suite of exterior and landscape design features ensure no project is too big or too small.

High-quality 2D and 3D design and visualization

Chief Architect Premier has been purpose-built for residential home design and provides top-notch 2D and 3D design capabilities. It is the perfect software for industry professionals to create detailed interior designs, including wall elevations, house plan views, as well as 3D models.
Through Chief Architect Premier X15 users can benefit from new features such as automatically generated trusses, a pattern design tool that makes it easy to replicate patterns across surfaces in a room or entire building and live materials lists which make estimating cost during the remodeling process more accurate than ever before.
Additionally, camera tools allow users to view real-time representations of their designs with realistic renders or beautiful artistic images. All these features provide invaluable insights when designing and visualizing interiors down to every detail no matter how small.

What's New in Chief Architect Premier X15

Chief Architect Premier X15 features advanced automatic building tools, improved 3D rendering and virtual tours, enhanced construction documents and materials list, as well as realistic and artistic renderings.

Automatic building tools

Chief Architect Premier X15 offers remarkable automated construction tools that streamline the home design and remodeling process. These building tools make it easy to quickly create an accurate design, including features like stair balustrade offsets, automated trusses, pattern creation tool for elevations and walls in Photoshop-like fashion, corner framing for U-shaped walls to support countertops edges or half walls, selfbuilding tools with simple pickwall ends which automatically builds while drawing your desired wall lengths with constraints added on the fly as you move around the plan view.
It also includes options such as a newly designed stair railing adjustment wizard and automatic roof trusses updated within minutes of updating a change in floor plans. Finally there is a new pattern formation tool which enables users to replicate wall sections easily with ‘copy’ or ‘mirror along baselines' commands.
This allows complex framed curved walls exactly fit into dream homes without delay!

Enhanced 3D rendering and virtual tours

are one of the major new features in Chief Architect Premier X15. With this feature, professionals have total control over the look and feel of their designs as they can customize lighting and camera settings to get a lifelike visual experience with realistic shadows and ambient light.
This lets them create virtual tours that match up closely with their actual constructed projects. Additionally, users can navigate through their designs as if they were touring it physically, creating an immersive 3D environment for others to explore without leaving their homes or offices.
The new rendering capabilities also allow industry professionals to present high-quality visuals more accurately in presentations and pick out any design flaws before construction starts.

Improved construction documents and materials list

Chief Architect Premier X15 offers significant enhancements in enabling industry professionals to generate construction documents with greater precision and accuracy. The introduction of the live materials list feature allows users to maintain an accurate inventory of the necessary components during building design which helps keep projects on schedule.
As a result, contractors can save both time and money associated with work delays due to insufficient or inaccurate amounts of material needed for completion. The software also provides advanced CAD tools that enable detail-oriented designs which meet industry standards while helping reduce costly errors from being made in projects.
Additionally, Chief Architect makes it easy to create detailed plans sets such as elevations, framing details and other architectural views which are essential for getting approvals from inspectors.

Realistic and artistic rendering

Chief Architect Premier X15 is a professional home design software with high-quality 2D and 3D design and visualization capabilities. This includes realistic and artistic rendering features for architects and designers to create more precise designs.
The software allows users to easily position the sun and moon in 3D, enabling them to create stunning renderings at any time of day or night. Additionally, Chief Architect Premier X15 also features a de-noise feature for physically based renders as well as a depth cue option that helps enhance realism even further by creating natural looking shadows where appropriate.
With these realistic visionary tools, clients will be able to clearly visualize their projects which can help streamline construction processes efficiently while saving on rectifications during execution.

Expanded library content

Chief Architect Premier X15 comes with an extensive library of content, including core materials, bonus components and manufacturer catalogs. The improved tools in the software make it easy to find just the right elements for any design project.
Core content includes walls, floors, and other building elements; bonus objects such as furniture or landscaping items; and manufacturer-specific catalogs that detail thousands of individual parts.
This expansive selection gives users access to over 10,000 Library Browser searchable objects across a variety of categories: doors & windows; interior details; bathrooms & kitchens; HVAC equipment; landscape supplies—plus living space accents, electrical fixtures and much more! The newly redesigned Library Browser allows users to quickly sort through filter options like tags/properties/types/favorites filters as well as hierarchical groupings so customers don’t have to scroll through endless pages of unrelated objects.

Reasons to Upgrade or Purchase Chief Architect Premier X15

Enjoy improved design accuracy and efficiency with CAD tools, simplify the remodeling process with precise plans, and create sophisticated home designs using comprehensive landscaping features.

Create more precise designs with CAD tools

Chief Architect Premier X15 has enabled industry professionals to design and create high-end precision in their projects. With comprehensive CAD tools, users can take advantage of an improved accuracy during the designing process.
Features such as stair railing offsets allow for more precise placement that may have taken multiple revisions prior to this release. Automatic trusses provide users with a time-saving feature when laying out the design foundations, allowing them to focus on working on tailored designs like intricate patterns with the new pattern design tool available within Chief Architect Premier X15.
This advanced software gives both experienced and novice designers access to powerful features in order to produce quality work efficiently and effectively regardless of project size or complexity.

Simplify the remodeling process

Chief Architect Premier X15 is the perfect remodeling companion, providing a host of features that simplify the entire process. The software has improved building and drafting tools, automated truss generation, and pattern design technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency when creating detailed plans.
It also comes with a comprehensive materials inventory which makes it easy to generate live materials lists for any project. With its new offset feature for stair railings and improved elevation snapping capabilities, Chief Architect Premier X15 ensures precise designs every time - streamlining the remodeling process from start to finish.

Efficient plan sets and construction drawings

Chief Architect Premier X15 is an essential tool for industry professionals thanks to its feature-rich design offering. It provides efficient plan sets and construction drawings, utilizing CAD tools within a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use design features and functions.
Its live materials lists and stair railing offsets ensure accuracy while the automated truss generation tool significantly streamlines workflow and increases productivity. Additionally, pattern design can be integrated for added visual effects with 3D renderings that accurately reflect reality in highly photorealistic detail.
Furthermore, it supports projects from start to finish with demolition drawings, new build plans & schedules of items amended, replaced or removed during the renovation process adding further value to its user experience.

Comprehensive site planning and landscaping features

Chief Architect Premier X15 offers an impressive suite of features specifically designed for professional home design. With the comprehensive site planning and landscaping features, users can create detailed and accurate plans that incorporate elements such as hardscapes, planting beds, trees, lighting effects, driveways, patios and walkways.
The software makes it easy to curate complete site layouts with a centralized Material List Manager offering hundreds of different materials from which to choose. In addition, stair railing offsets simplify staircase construction calculations while the automatic truss tool helps optimize roof designs automatically.
For custom pattern designs in brickwork or any other material type Chief Architect Premier has a powerful interactive Pattern Tool allowing designers to easily see how these creations look before they are built - saving time and money during project implementation.

Enhanced architectural home design capabilities

Chief Architect Premier X15 is an industry-leading home design software program that offers a comprehensive suite of advanced capabilities. With it, professionals can create more accurate designs with CAD tools, simplify the remodeling process and generate efficient plan sets and construction drawings.
The software includes live materials lists to reduce time-consuming measuring tasks, stair railing offsets for increased accuracy in complex projects, automatic truss generation to automate tedious calculations, a pattern design tool so users can easily produce repeating patterns such as floor tiles or wallpaper borders and a custom pattern creator for customized results.
It also features new abilities to display pilasters and panels in plan view conversion of cabinet moldings to polylines, plus the option to add toe kicks under cabinets for added realism.
In addition to its specialized architectural functions, Chief Architect Premier X15 also provides enhanced 3D rendering capabilities that allow users to create realistic views of their plans from any angle.

How to Access Chief Architect Premier X15

Users can easily access the Chief Architect Premier X15 software by purchasing and downloading full version from our store.


Chief Architect Premier X15 is a powerful and comprehensive home design application, offering industry professionals the latest tools and features to create detailed 2D plans, 3D designs, accurate materials lists, and stunning renderings.
The updates in Chief Architect Premier X15 make it an even more valuable tool for creating complex yet efficient designs with precision and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re an experienced user or a first-time buyer, the streamlined design process facilitated by new features like live materials lists, coordinate axes, replace fonts feature etc., makes Chief Architect Premier X15 ideal for any project requiring high-quality residential architecture designs.


1. What's new in Chief Architect Premier X15?

Chief Architect Premier X15 introduces a range of features, including improved 3D rendering capabilities, additional libraries and cabinets, enhanced floor plan tools, and more.

2. How will using Chief Architect Premier X15 benefit me?

Using Chief Architect Premier X15 enables you to easily create detailed visuals with real-time soft shadows and lighting as well as accurately model complex building structures quickly.

3. Does this software require technical knowledge to use?

Auto-generated content can help streamline your design process while tutorials are available should you need extra help, making these programs suitable for any user regardless of experience level or technical ability.