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Revit and its Exciting New Features

The enhanced and improved Autodesk Revit 2023 is now available for purchase! In and of itself, this software is extremely diverse in its capabilities; being able to accommodate teams in completely different fields and industries. You can easily and quickly complete projects in various disciplines, including: construction, architectural design, structural engineering, as well as plumbing, mechanical and electrical jobs. From beginning to end, this software is meant to assist teams throughout the building process with its comprehensive set of tools.

Revit software is well-developed software for BIM (building information modeling). It has tools to create intelligent 3D models for architectural buildings & structures which can be used to produce construction documentation. It supports all phases & discipline involved in a building project. It plans, designs, constructs & manages buildings & infrastructure with its powerful tools.

Autodesk Revit 2023 software is a building information modeling software for architects, building professionals & contractors developed by Autodesk, Inc.

What is it used for?

Revit is built for BIM. It helps the designers design, stimulates, visualize & collaborate in order to capitalize on the benefits of the interconnected information among a BIM model. BIM is a process, which is based around models. It is used for planning & designing of buildings & infrastructure projects faster, more economically & environment-friendly. The BIM models are not 2D or 3D, these models are made up of intelligent objects. Autodesk Revit converts these models in a user-friendly way in which the designers can view them in the form of 2D drawings, 3D models & lists. Revit also consists of MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) design teams. These kinds of software also help in calculating the mass of a building, the numbers of materials needed in an instant & its overall cost. Revit BIM software adds a layer of data to the drawings.

Features, Functionality & benefits for the customer -

Parametric component relationship-

The parametric component relationship maintains the coordination of different components & design structures within the whole design. Planning may be used as a future base plan design. In this case, if changing a certain part of the design won’t promote the automatic change of the parts associated with it, it will require extra effort & time for the re-measurement & re-input of all the parameters & dimensions. Revit sees & solves the problem immediately. When a change is made to a part of the design, It identifies all the other parts associated with it & changes them accordingly. Revit maintains consistency by maintaining the proportionality. The changes are mainly, directional, dimensional, change in mass and orientation. When a change is made, Revit studies 2 things before making the relative changes. First is the relation of the target parts with the changed parts & the second is the probable effect of the target overall structural design. The study of these two factors & working according to it makes it a very powerful & efficient feature of the software.

Work sharing-

Worksharing is a very user-friendly feature of Autodesk Revit. It enables multiple user access

& helps them to add or change something in the same center design. It facilitates all the team members to work on the same project in their individual devices at the same time. In most of the cases, a project-work is divided within a team where each member gets assigned to work on a particular area of functioning. Revit provides such a smooth environment for efficient teamwork. It has the feature of being subdivided in different workouts which can be assigned to different persons. They are also provided with a local copy of the central work to make changes to it accordingly.


This feature provides a tabular form of display in which all the inputs & model information are arranged in a well structured and accessible manner. This information is collected from the properties of the elements of the project. There is a well-structured navigation display to show the scheduled lists. It precisely displays all kind of elements of a project under distinguished & understandable keywords. One can also associate proper images in the schedule where it needs graphical information. It provides all kind of schedule creating and displaying features.

Interoperability & IFC -

Revit maintains interoperability within the different operating systems and browsers. It provides certified IFC import & export. The Revit gets updated with the latest functionality & bug releases on a regular basis. Updates are easily available, clearly showing new added features & functionality. It can be easily accessed from the Autodesk app store. This feature enables the import & export of the native RVT file format to the IFC format in an IFC-certified application. It helps the other designer to easily open & work on the design. The same thing happens when an IFC file needs to be read on the Revit application. It can easily be changed into an RVT file & the engineers can start working on the project.

Design, optimize and connect -

These costumer review-based brand new features are added to the new version of Autodesk Revit software. It has three basic features as follows.

Design -

New features are added in designing such as,

Graphics filters-

There is an addition of “or” variable in the view filters. This feature was heavily requested by the community.

Multi-screen support-

This is one of the biggest improved features added in the Revit software. This feature allows a multi-screen view at one time. You can manage all the screen from the tabs & drag multiple screens to view in bigger sizes when needed. It helps the users to watch over multiple tasks at one time, which makes them have a better experience with Revit.

Immersive design-

There has been an improved addition to 3D work field. A lot of new 3D perspective views are freshly added which made all the 3D work more accurate & easy to work on. It has leveled up the 3D work adding uncropped perspective views.

Complex fill patterns & lifelike rendering -

Revit now enables to have double fill patterns. It allows the designer to create more complex graphical renders. A new library of physical-based appearance assets is also added to Revit. This helps the designer to choose from a vastly improved area to create more realistic and higher quality renders.

Split railing-

This new feature allows you to split railings outside of the sketch mode. The addition of the new split tool enables this feature. You can simplify the modifications & creation of railings in just one click using the split tool.


Complex piping networks-

Revit has improved the primary/secondary hydraulic networks. This new feature allows the designer to make a more complex piping network design. All the improvements made in this field are support for hydraulic bridges, headered systems, and one-pipe primary loops. One can now see the pressure drop and flow in each pipeline & on other pump elements in the network.


Steel design tools-

Revit now enables multi-discipline support in steelwork & fabrication. With the help of the new tools, the designer can have a more streamlined design to fabrication workflow. The new steel components are plates, bolts, welds, studs & much more. Steel design with Revit also enables better interoperability with advanced steel.

Curved object dimension -

It enables the dimensions to work on view-specific geometry. For example, edges and points created by a view cut plain.

Enhanced 3D modeling -

It is an enhanced 3D modeling communication of fabrication instructions. This new feature enables the creation of new rebar families from its bar geometry or just matching with the existing rebar shape families. This feature helps in better communication design intent in the form of bar bending schedules.

IFC4 support & Improvements-

Revit 2019 supports a better and improved feature of the latest IFC standards. It is better than the previous one and allows import and export of IFC files more cleanly & flawlessly. In the previous version of Revit, there were certain issues; some IFC files used to show invalid while importing & exporting. This problem is now eliminated and Rhino elements can now be copied & mirrored successfully.

BIM 360 next-generation collaboration tools -

This new feature of Revit BIM software enables it to work with BIM 360 cloud for AEC project delivery and construction management. BIM 360 is re-branded, and repacked to collaborate with the new version of Revit. It has introduced Revit Home for this feature to work. The Revit has also developed a technical preview for the cloud model upgrade service. By using this service, one can easily upgrade the 2018 BIM 360 document management-based cloud models to 2019 with just a click. It doesn’t take to download the new version all over again, just with a simple click on the upgrade & upload will do the work.


Revit added a new feature of zooming schedule. With the help of this, one can easily zoom in & zoom out of the schedule list. Zoom helps the user to see the details clearly, with high-resolution display screens. This feature helped a lot by making it more easier to work with large schedules. Reading the details in the zoom in schedule view helps the designer design more accurately and eliminates the higher probability of errors.

Introduction of bug fix and bulkheading -

The latest version of Revit also introduced a new update of bug fixing and bulk heading. These two new features work together to make the service more resilient to unexpected events in other services resulting in an improved uptime.

DWG compare-

This feature enables the programme to compare and document the differences between 2 versions of a drawing XRefs. It helps the designer in many ways to compare, learn & make better designs.

Save to web and mobile-

It allows the user to save his drawings from his pc to view and edit on Revit CAD software website and mobile apps.

Shared views-

This feature allows the designer to publish his design or a part of his design to the public. It helps others to view, judge and learn from that design. It also helps the designer learn his design in a better way by the views & comments of the viewers.

AutoCAD web app-

Now anyone can easily create, edit, view and share Revit CAD software drawings from any device by just opening it in the browser.

AutoCAD mobile app -

The user can also view, share, create and edit the designs on his mobile phone & can get access to it anytime.

User interface-

This new version helps the user experience improved visuals with new flat design icons and 4K enhancements.

PDF import-

This is a new feature, which allows you to import differing kinds of design, including SHX font files, fills, raster images and TrueType text, into a drawing from a PDF. It enhances information exchange in an open, collaborative platform by supporting linking and underlay of PDF files so that one can improve his working by using the data coming from the outside of Revit.

Apart from the above features, there are a lot more features in Revit software. You can check all of It is the official Autodesk Revit website.

A little about the roadmap -

These plans of Revit better shows its roadmap and future expectations of Autodesk Revit Sofware -

  • Create¬† - The act of model creation

- Efficient model creation that better capture design intent

- engage in a delightful, intuitive and contextual experience

- model to higher degrees of accuracy and detail


  • Optimize - better buildings and processes

- analyze, stimulate and iterate to optimize designs

- work more efficiently with software system that automates tasks

- have sufficient time for designing with well reliable and reasonable package


  • Connect - integrating teams and products

- connect project groups with AEC targeted collaboration tools

- enable multi-disciplinary workflows to help deliver projects

- extend BIM to every phases of the project lifecycle

Revit uses different colors, themes, and icons to keep track of their roadmap details. It always keeps track of the previous roadmap and regularly updates it with new & better ideas. The implementation of those ideas is done by choosing the most needed & feasible ones first & then updates the new version in accordance with that. Updating better ideas, taking the reviews and requests of the viewers into consideration & updating the software versions regularly is what makes the Revit Software a huge success.