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What's New In Rhinoceros 7 Software. Reasons To Buy

Are you a designer looking to take your 3D modeling capabilities to the next level? If so, then you've likely heard of Rhinoceros 7, the most significant software upgrade in its history.

Key Takeaways

  • Rhino 7 is a big update with new tools. It has Clash Detection and Named Selections to speed up work.
  • The software works on Windows systems. You can use many file types with it.
  • Rhino 7 helps you make models look real. Use Emissive Materials for glow effects or PBR for true-to-life textures.
  • In other fields, 3D prints are very useful too. They help fight cancer, build great designs, and make safe sports gear.

Overview of Rhinoceros 3D

Rhinoceros 3D, widely known as Rhino, is a powerful CAD application that's famous for its versatility in design and ease of use. It flawlessly handles various file formats, ensuring compatibility with other software tools in the design process.
With advanced scripting and programming features, Rhino allows users to tailor their design workflow on demand.


Rhino 3D leaps ahead with NURBS-based tools. This means it works with a special kind of math to show 3D shape details. Creative professionals across the globe love this. In Rhino, design freedom has no bounds unlike other 3D programs.
It packs features for light control, texture mapping, and rendering in one package.

File formats

Rhino 3D is loved for how it handles file types. It works well with many kinds of files. This makes it the best tool for work in 3D where you need to use lots of file types. Many programs make you stick to their own special files, but not Rhino! It lets you pick which ones to use.
The main file type used by Rhino is called .3dm. This stands for "Rhino 3D Model". Anyone can use this kind of file because it's open-source. The new version, called Rhino 7, has added more support for SubD in certain cases and made other files look better than before.
Plus, if you like using Revit and Grasshopper, good news! You can add Rhino right into that workflow with no trouble at all.


Rhinoceros 3D works well with many different programs. It can work with design, drafting, rendering and more. You can use over 30 CAD file types with it too. Rhino 7 will run on Windows and Mac systems.
This means people in many jobs can use it. Architects, product designers and manufacturers find it very useful.

Scripting and programming

Rhino 7 uses scripting and programming to boost its power. It speaks many coding languages. This lets you script tasks in the software. RhinoScript is one language it knows. Rhino.Python is another, offering more power than RhinoScript.
The tool has a solid base with layers like openNURBS and RhinoCommon supporting it. You can use APIs to build new tasks or tools that work with the software's functions. These get help from improved SDKs for better results in Rhino 7, which also show how to do things well thanks to clear guides.

New Features in Rhino 7

Rhino 7 boasts a plethora of innovative features like Named Selections, Clash Detection, Physically Based Rendering Materials and more, all designed to enhance your design process.
Discover the full power of these new tools by diving deeper into our blog post.

Named Selections

Rhino 7 brings a great tool called Named Selections. With this, you can select objects and sub-objects many times. Using the NamedSelections command helps in saving these choices for future use.
It makes your work faster by avoiding the need to pick the same items over and over again.
Another neat thing about Named Selections is that it lets you group entities together under one name. This feature is known as Defined Groups. By giving names to groups of things, it becomes easy to call them back when needed.
You don't have to waste time finding them every time! This new Rhino 7 feature boosts efficiency and saves time.

Clash Detection

Clash Detection is a top upgrade in Rhino 7. It finds where objects cross each other. This new tool uses an algorithm to look for these points. Users can put all cases of object clash into a catalog.
Clash Detection makes Rhino 7 better, helping you use it more fully.


Grasshopper comes with Rhino 7. This means you do not need to know languages like RhinoScript or Python. With Grasshopper, you can create detailed designs without the need for code.
It uses algorithmic modeling for data flow, which helps in design and optimization of geometry. You also get tools that let you see your work from different angles. By using CAD/CAM integration, there's less work and higher results in your designs.

Gradient and Transparent Hatches

Gradients and Transparent Hatches are updates in Rhino 7. These features boost the look of 2D pictures, charts, and plans. They give a good visual feel to each graphic. Gradients make the shading smooth between two colors.
This adds depth to objects in your design plan or artwork. Transparent hatches let light pass through certain areas for an added effect. You can use these tools on both Windows and Mac versions of Rhino 7 WIP software.

Light Falloff

Rhino 7 offers a new feature called Light Falloff. This tool handles how light fades or lessens as it moves away from its source. It helps to create more real-life lighting in your models.
Using the Light Falloff feature, you can adjust the brightness of different parts of your scene. You can make changes to intensity decay and set up how light behaves in your model.
This powerful tool adds depth and realism to your designs by mimicking natural light transmission.

Mold Making tools

Rhino 7 adds new tools for mold making. This change makes the software better for people who make molds or design tools. You can now use better parting line and surface creation tools.
These let you make lines and surfaces for molds easily. One neat thing is that you can set a split surface to act as a parting line. Overall, Rhino 7 helps with mold making tasks in big ways.

Package Manager

The Package Manager is a cool tool in Rhino 7. It helps users find, install, and control resources for Grasshopper and Rhino. This tool makes it simple to handle plugins from within Rhino itself.
Plus, it's part of the bigger Rhino world that also includes Grasshopper. So, finding and adding new things becomes easy with this feature in the software.


Denoisers are now part of Rhino 7. They take out the grainy noise in your renderings. With this new tool, you can make great looking images faster. The denoisers use AI to do this work.
This will make your rendering speed go up a lot! It also makes it easy to see all the fine details in your work without any fuzz or mess. This change helps boost the visual charm of your designs even further! Denoisers take care of noise reduction and image clarity, making them a top pick for better render quality.

Layout Management

Rhino 7 lets you sort your layouts with ease. Its Layouts panel gives a clear list to help with this. You can change the names of your layouts. It also lets you copy or take away layouts using the same panel.
Having many layouts in one project is now simple to handle. The layout management feature makes this easy for users. Rhino 7 takes your work up a notch with better tools and plugins too.
These are thanks to improvements made in its free SDKs, API fixes, and clearer user guides.

Physically Based Rendering Materials

Rhino 7 comes with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) Materials. This new feature makes your works look real and nice. It is simple to use but still gives a high-quality result. PBR Materials are great for those who want their renderings and talks to look real.
With it, rendering becomes a fun task. You can change the light play, texture maps, or shadow casting as you wish. Not only does it add depth through ambient occlusion, but also adds shine with specular reflection.
The material traits of PBR in Rhino 7 take lighting into account too, making global illumination easy to handle in the render settings. Whether you need reflective surfaces or diffused shading effects, this feature has got your back!

Emissive Materials

Rhino 7 boosts your design work with Emissive Materials. They make parts of your 3D design shine and glow. This cool feature helps you create real-like lights in your scenes. Glow-in-the-dark materials add a fun touch to any design project.
The Bloom Effect in Rhino 7 bumps up the glow from these shiny materials and lights. With this, you can craft amazing lighting effects on objects or surfaces.

Advantages of Using Rhino 7

Explore the unparalleled versatility in design, remarkable cross-platform compatibility, and user-friendly interface that Rhino 7 brings to the table; a powerhouse software that escalates your creativity to new heights.
Stay tuned for more on its power-packed features!

Versatility in design

Rhino 7 shines with its versatility in design. You can make many types of designs to match your needs. This tool lets you create, change and check various shapes, like curves and solids.
It is great for jobs that involve a lot of designing.
The program also lets you show your creations in a neat manner. You can even make them move or see them from different spots. A lot of people use Rhino 7 to design building fronts and shapes.
Simplifying tough jobs is what this tool does best!

Cross-platform compatibility

Rhino 7 is great for many devices. It works on different CAD, CAM, CAE, and animation items. The openNURBS in Rhino 7 makes it work with lots of other tools too. You can use Rhino and Grasshopper as a Revit Add-On in Rhino 7.
This helps users to do more things without any issues. Also, it doesn't matter what device or system you are using. If it's a computer or something else that runs an operating system, you can still use Rhino 3D.

User-friendly interface

Rhino 7 is not hard to use. It has a smooth design that makes work fast and easy. Users love its simple setup. Navigating the software feels natural, almost like you already know where everything is.
The display features are top-notch too! Graphics in 3D move extremely fast with no limit on viewports. Plus, it has rendering tools that are very easy to use and work quickly. This makes Rhino 7 a big hit in Australia's AEC industry because it offers smart solutions for professionals.

Other Interesting Uses of 3D Printing

These innovative applications of 3D printing are revolutionizing various industries; aiding medical research in the fight against breast cancer, contributing to distinctive architectural designs such as Tiffany & Co.'s facade, and enhancing sports equipment like Vicis football helmet.

In the medical field (Fight against breast cancer)

Doctors use 3D printing to fight breast cancer. They make models of the bad cells. This helps them find new ways to treat it. It also helps them understand how cancer works. With these models, doctors can plan surgeries better.
The 3D printing way is changing how we treat breast cancer. Doctors can be more exact in surgery because they practice first on the model. The result is a safer and more successful surgery for patients.

In architecture (Tiffany & Co. fa├žade)

Tiffany & Co. used a 3D printed front for one of its stores. This was like the look of coral forms in the sea. The print tech made it easy to see small parts and special touches in the design.
Many building pros are now using 3D prints to make real, well-detailed models of buildings. The use of this print tech helps with Building Information Modeling (BIM). It gives good help to designers and architects too!

In sports (Vicis football helmet)

Vicis makes new football helmets. They use 3D printing to make a special padding. This padding helps keep players safe from head hurts like concussions. Another helmet, the Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond model, has a liner inside that's made with 3D printing too.
The way we make helmets is changing fast because of this new tech. Seattle-based firm Vicis shows us how it works. Their advanced helmets are already being used in NFL games. With their gear on, players can play safe and worry less about injury.


Rhino 7 is a great tool. It has new features like SubD tools and Revit AddOn. You can make cool 3D stuff with it. Buying Rhino 7 is a wise choice!


1. What's new in Rhinoceros 7 software?

Rhinoceros 7 software has added new tools such as SubD for creating organic shapes and improved rendering.

2. Why should I buy Rhinoceros 7?

You should buy Rhinoceros 7 as it offers better performance, new design features, enhanced collaboration options, and a user-friendly interface.

3. Is the use of Rhinoceros 7 easy for beginners?

Yes, with intuitive tools and tutorials available within the program, using Rhino 7 is simple even for those who are completely new to design software.